Martial arts training for people of all ages


Carraig Taekwon-Do was started in 2015 by husband and wife team Eoin and Rebecca O’Connor. Having spent many years training and competing together as part of the Greystones School of Taekwon-Do under Master Kenneth Wheatley they decided to venture out and start their own club.

This club initially began in Dalkey and for the first few years the club was known as Dalkey Taekwon-Do. After success in Dalkey they decided to expand the club and set up in Cabinteely in 2019.

Today the club goes from strength to strength with busy Dojangs (training halls) and now national success at tournaments. Carraig Taekwon-Do is heavily focused on helping people develop into not only great martial artists but also better people. The club caters for a wide range of ages and abilities. Whether an absolute beginner or more advanced student, we will be happy to welcome you. We also regularly take part in many national events every year so there is no shortage of opportunities for students to enjoy Taekwon-Do in addition to their regular training. We look forward to seeing you soon.